Your PTSA Contributions at Work!

One of the PTSA's biggest funding efforts is Departmental Grants, with the various departments submitting grants for a project, material or equipment above and beyond what the school or county can fund.  

These grants help support students and teachers by adding even more depth, creativity and engagement in the classroom.

 Your donations and support of the PTSA make all this possible!  

We're fortunate to hear "I can't thank the PTSA enough for their support!" and want to share with all!

Great Examples of Your Dollar Going to Work:

  • Physical Education - various gym equipment to build a circuit fitness program for student to keep active during the class.

  • A Shakepeare Residency for 11th grade English classes.

  • For the music department, a portable keyboard for all those terrific jazz and combo performances in the community.

  • Online subscriptions for ESOL teachers to use as additional resource and engagement to strengthen students' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

  • Science equipment for all students taking physics, which'll have a new curriculum next year.

  • IB Film purchased a gimbal crane to help stabilize handheld cameras during filming.

  • For the Career and Technology Education department, a router and switch lab sets to support CISCO classes which allow students to earn industry certification that can be transferred into the workforce, college or a certificate program.

  • Special Education will use their funding for buses for field trips to various academic, professional and vocational venues for post-high school options.

  • Student Publications - Chips and the Tattler - receive funding for printing costs, and the Yearbook receives funding for scholarships to offset costs for an annual conference.

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