Peer Parents

Coordinator: Nicole Veilleux

Peer Parents plan forums for parents to meet, share information, and learn from each other. Please contact them with suggestions for topics for coffees, or with questions that another parent may be able to answer. 


Peer Parent event dates can be found on the PTSA Calendar (click HERE)

9th Grade

Eun Kim:

Michelle Robinson:

Diana Farina Borlase:

Judy Baker:

Zoe Garmendia:

10th Grade

Aysegul Cuhadar

Colleen Fisher

Anne Levin

Kathy Morgan

Wendy Teleki

Erica Weiss

11th Grade

Cathelen Laguerre

Libby Nealis

Elissa Shapiro

12th Grade

Varuni Dayaratna

Laura Power

Sophie Toujas

Kerri Valencia

Nicole Veilleux

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