Pedestrian Safety

Chairs:  Carole Brand ( &

Andrea Taylor (

September 13, 2017

Dear B-CC HS Community,


For years, we have observed many near-misses where drivers have almost hit our students and staff at the pedestrian crosswalk in front of B-CC HS.


Thanks to efforts of students, administration, the B-CC HS PTSA, State Senator Rich Madaleno, and Delegates Marc Korman, Jeff Waldstreicher, and Al Carr, the Maryland State Highway Administration has agreed to install a HAWK pedestrian light across East-West Highway at the entrance to B-CC HS. 


We’ve been told that this will be the first HAWK light installed in Maryland and is like the pedestrian light across Connecticut Avenue at Northampton Street, NW, in the District of Columbia. 


Only used at marked crosswalks, a HAWK beacon (High-Intensity Activated crossWalK beacon) is a traffic control device used to stop road traffic, when called by a pedestrian, and allows  pedestrians to cross safely.  The purpose of a HAWK beacon is to allow protected pedestrian crossings, stopping road traffic only as needed.


We very much hope this light will help protect our students, staff, and visitors, who cross East-West Highway on foot.


The light is supposed to be installed sometime this month (September).   


Once it’s operational, please observe the crosswalk and let us know what you think.


Thank you,


Carole Brand and Andrea Taylor 

for the B-CC HS PTSA Pedestrian Safety Committee

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