Chair:  Mark Matulef 

Join, Volunteer, Donate, Engage, Advocate, Never Stop Learning


            The initial response for BCC-PTSA Membership was overwhelming!  As we get ready for our next Membership Drive, let me thank the scores of parents, teachers, and administrators who joined the PTSA during back-to-school events – as well as the PTSA volunteers who staffed the membership table.  And thank you to the hundreds of parents who joined on-line.


            Membership is key for the success of any PTSA.  PTSA’s provide immeasurably valuable resources to their schools.  Our school and our organization are recognized by the Board of Education and County Council for our activity, energy, and earnestness – and as parents who hold our schools and our County leaders accountable for delivering the highest quality education.  Because of our programs and our presence at the High School, our kids get to see their parents committed to their education with TIME and a direct contribution of their talents.  Parenthood is more than “Do your homework.”  The parents of current and graduated BCC students are modeling citizenship. 


            Over the school year, the Membership Committee will be promoting the realization of an even larger membership on this page.  Also, we will be providing links to information on how you can get more involved in PTSA and related activities. 


            Fill out the PTSA Membership Form to join and submit it to Mark Matulef.  Payment can be made by visiting or sending Mark a check made out to B-CC PTSA, at 8615 Brandt Place, Bethesda, MD 20814.  Membership dues are $30 per person.  Teachers, specialists, administrators, and other staff can join for $5.   

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