Executive Function Skills

Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 8-9:00 am

Place: B-CC cafeteria

Speaker:  Lauren Eckert, M.Ed


Coffee and pastries will be served!

Come to B-CC to hear Lauren Eckert, M.Ed, a Certified Life and Health Coach, and a Licensed School Counselor talk about executive function skills!  


For students who struggle with executive function, they may find it very difficult to be successful in the classroom. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Forgets to write down homework assignments and often is unaware that something was due for a class

  • Remembers the assignment or finds out from a classmate, but can not find the materials needed to complete the assignment

  • Struggles to get started on tasks and spends many additional hours on school work than is necessary

  • Once started with work, has difficulty completing the tasks 

  • Struggles to manage time effectively

  • Completes assignments but forgets to turn them in to the teacher

  • Break down large or long-term assignments

  • Presentation handout

Lauren Eckert will be sharing about the development of these crucial executive function skills, discussing the role of the parent in this supporting and teaching these skills, and providing specific strategies to assist students who are struggling in the area of executive function. She will also discuss the role of technology, how anxiety and ADHD impact these skills, and take time to answer questions related to the topic.

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