Departmental Grants

Chairs: Jessica Trevelyn & Liz Smith

The PTSA's Departmental Grants provides funding for each academic department and student publication to help meet instructional goals that can't otherwise be funded through MCPS and the school. These initiatives are designed to support B-CC's School Improvement Plan (SIP), benefit the entire department, integrate with departmental goals, and support a broad number of students. 


The grant cycle typically starts in late January or early February, and wraps up in April, with grants awarded for purchase and use for the subsequent school year.


The Departmental Grants Committee consists of: two members of the PTSA who co-chair; the PTSA President, the PTSA treasurer and the Principal of the school.


The co-chairs plan the timeline, call meetings, solicit proposals from the Resource Teachers, work with the Business Office to communicate to the RTs the steps to purchase the items/projects, and ensure the funds are being used in a timely manner for the awarded items/projects.  Here are some examples of what Departmental Grants provides:  

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