Contact the Listserv Moderator

The PTSA sponsors a listserv for families to get news about school events. It is not an official outlet for B-CC, although the school utilizes the PTSA listserv for delivery of important information.

BCCNet is paid for and maintained by the PTSA.


BCCNET is one of the oldest school listserves in the county. Serving over 1800 B-CC families, BCCNET is a listserv for and about the school community.


Members are allowed to post questions about the school, engage in civil discussion about matters affecting our children, and request recommendations for services related to the education of a high school student.


Members also receive daily announcements from the school, as well as information from the administration, staff, and the various B-CC affiliated organizations.


We do not accept off-topic (OT) postings that are not related to B-CC.  See BCCNET Acceptable Use Guidelines for additional information.  BCCNET is moderated to ensure compliance with the Guidelines.  


To join the listserv, complete the Join the Listserv form. and follow the instructions to complete the process of joining the group.  You must be a parent of a current student, a current student or a staff member to join.  If eligible, you will be added to the list and you will receive a Welcome message from, the listserv host.  Be sure to check your junk or spam folders for the welcome message.

Only members can post messages, receive messages, or review messages on the web site

If you have a question about BCCNET or need to contact the moderator, please send an email to the moderator at Please include your name, your child's name/grade and/or your relationship to B-CC.


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