B-CC PTSA Student Community Grant Program

Chairs:  Carol Politi carol.bethesda@gmail.com & Margaret Springe margaret.springe@gmail.com

Bethesda-Chevy Chase PTSA  - Student Community Grant Guidelines


Overview and Purpose


B-CC PTSA Student Community Grants are offered to students for student-centered projects that enhance a sense of connectedness, community and inclusiveness and directly impact a large portion of the student population. The grant committee encourages proposals up to $500.    


Examples of activities that meet the PSTA’s program goals for this initiative are:


  • Special events or one time projects that enrich campus life, such as a guest speaker or decorations

  • Permanent projects that will enhance a specific space, such as the Mosaic Wall

  • Supplies for a student initiative that is published for the school community, such as making a film.


Examples of activities that do not meet PSTA’s program goals are:


  • Student travel to a conference, training or extra-curricular event

  • Individual scholarships

  • Clubs, sports teams, or other projects/programs that are funded elsewhere


Application Process.  It’s easy!

Proposed projects will be scored and evaluated based on the following criteria:


  1. Project Description and Design: How well are the project and activities described?

  2. Goals of the Project:  Are the project goals clearly defined?

  3. Project Timeline: Is the timeline realistic and feasible?

  4. Budget: Is the budget complete and realistic?


Submit email or powerpoint addressing the above to BCC.PTSA.Grant@gmail.com.


Stumped on how to get started?  Sent questions to Carol Politi carol.bethesda@gmail.com & Margaret Springe margaret.springe@gmail.com


Funding:  You were savvy enough to get the grant, now what? All of your materials will be ordered through Amazon, shipped to your house and paid for by PTSA. Go to Amazon and create a wishlist with all the materials you need to get the project completed and then send an email to BCC.PTSA.Grant@gmail.com. If you have a special order, please let us know.



Successful applicants are asked to provide a short report about their project via email.


Contacts:  Margaret Springe and Carol Politi at BCC.PTSA.Grant@gmail.com

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