B-CC Cares

Chairs:  Andrew Niebler and Beth Pincus  

B-CC Cares is a PTSA initiative that strives to provide some additional support to BCC students and families in need.  B-CC Cares activities include the following:


  1. The B-CC Market - a food and household items pantry which is available during school hours to students with parental permission.  The Market is also open to parents and students on certain weekends and evenings, typically coinciding with other extra-curricular events taking place at school. 

  2. The B-CC Market Refrigerator - the Market now features  a refrigerator donated by the Class of 2017 to permit the donation of perishable items.  The refrigerator is stocked and maintained with the assistance of the student-run Pantry Partners Club.

  3. Thanksgiving Gift Cards - B-CC Cares works with the school’s counseling office to offer holiday gift cards to families in need prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

  4. Holiday House - B-CC Cares offers an annual Holiday House just prior to winter break which features donated items so that students in need have the opportunity to “shop” free of charge for gifts for family members.

  5. Gift Certificates for the Used Book Sale - B-CC Cares works with the school to provide gift certificates to the Book Sale so that all students, including students in need, have the opportunity to select books from this major PTSA fundraiser.

  6. Support for Seniors - B-CC Cares works to support seniors in need surrounding graduation-related activities such as the purchase of yearbooks.

  7. Access to extra-curricular activities - B-CC Cares also works with the school and other PTSA committees to ensure that students in need are able to participate in certain extracurricular activities throughout the year such as sporting events or theatrical productions


Finally, B-CC Cares also attempts to address additional needs of B-CC Students and families as they arise and welcomes feedback on additional ways in which to support members of our community.

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